About Mensights

Did you know the internet contains over 50 million websites with over 7 Billion (yes with a B) pages of content?

On average we only visit between 10 and 20 sites a day. That means it would take … oh let’s see… carry the 1… add… yeah, I think you get the point.

We could NEVER visit even a fraction of the websites that are out there right now!

Just think about all the cool, clever and funny stuff you could be missing.

Well don’t fret it, that’s where MenSights comes in.

That’s the sole reason we created MenSights.

An email notification system that brings you daily hand-picked posts with men’s interests in mind. From Cars, Science and Tech, to funny and just plain cool and interesting guy stuff.

Frankly, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the goodies we dig up for you. And because we’re cool guys, we’d like to send it to you every day – like clockwork – free of charge. Bam!

Just drop your best email in the box up at the top left and we’ll rush over the first edition of MenSights straight to your email inbox.

Oh, and don’t worry about spam, we @#$&ing hate spam too. You’ll only receive our once daily posts and nothing else. Period.