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The Brew Cave – Walk In Beer Cooler For Your Man Cave



What says man cave more than a walk in beer cooler! Store all you beer and kegs in one spot.


The Brew Cave is the largest kegerator on the residential market. With shelving, it can hold over 30 cases of beer, plus 6 or more kegs. Its refrigeration is designed to hold the inside at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so you know your beer is optimized for maximum refreshment. And with modular panels that consist of 4” thick vapor-proof insulation, you can rest assured that they’ll stay that way. The Brew Cave unit is shipped to you in a knocked-down panel configuration, but can be easily assembled using the included hex wrench.


The Brew Cave includes a draft beer dispensing system for convenience and can be retrofitted with more taps. It also has a locking glass door to deter would-be beer thieves. Whether you want to entertain guests, run a small bar, share your homebrews or hog it all to yourself, the Brew Cave is your beer storage solution. Read on for detailed specifications or buy online.

For around $8000 you can be the hit of your neighborhood or friends. *Beer not included!

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